Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coke v. Pepsi

I've been drinking mostly Coke products for the past thousand years. As I get older, I need to cut my sugar intake so I've been drinking Diet Coke for years now. Translated = I've been old for years now. Here in Thailand, people in general don't have the obesity problem that has chubbified America, but they do still have low calorie and zero calorie drinks. They do not sell "Diet Coke" here, cuz the concept of "dieting" isn't the same. Rather, they have "Coke Light", same color can, same taste, just a different name to better fit the national "non-fatness". That's my opinion of course, I'm not sure if there is a "real" reason for branding and marketing it as "Light" rather than "Diet".

Anyway, a few weeks back they were selling Pepsi Max here (direct competition to Coke Zero) for a super discount. We stepped away from the diet Coke products and switched to Pepsi for the savings of a few baht. The promotion lasted a few weeks and now is over. We still buy Pepsi Max now as we like the taste better and it's now the same price as Coke...14 baht or roughly 40 cents.

Today after lunch I decided to grab a soda from the mom and pop store around the corner from the school...They only have Coke Light...I thought no big deal, I've drank the stuff for like 8 years already minus the couple weeks that we drank Pepsi Max...

The can is still sitting in front of me, half non consumed (where does that fit in the glass half empty or glass half full psychoanalysis model?) a half hour after I opened it. I swear, it tastes like chemicals...the same yummy chemicals I used to slurp down several times daily. I guess the couple cases of Pepsi Max really changed my taste for soda...It's even hard to swallow the taste of regular coke at a restaurant for me lately.

SO, until Coke Light, goes on sale at 7-11, I think I'm a Pepsi man! Oh wait, they don't sell Coke Light at 7-11! Almost forgot!

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