Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rainy Season in Thailand

Rainy season has arrived here in Bangkok. School has been in for a week now and because of rain and flooded streets, I've been more than a half hour late for work two of those days!I love the rain, the sounds, the sky lighting up with lightning, but it starts to get annoying when I'm late for work!On rainy days (months) people shy away from motorcycle taxis and don't care for standing in the rain waiting for a bus, so finding a taxi is a triumph. I must have waited over a half hour each day for a taxi, then sat in flooded streets, watching people walking outside, getting to their destinations faster than I was in a motor vehicle!

Here's a video we took from inside a taxi during a good rain here. It floods almost every time it rains in some parts of the city. This is mostly because all of the drains are full of trash and gunk and ooze-crud. I've been lucky enough to be caught in the flooded streets both on foot and on a motorcycle taxi, fun stuff!

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