Monday, May 11, 2009

Once a Marine, Always a Marine

Our fifth day in Korea was spent in the southern part of the country in a city called Jinhae, more about Jinhae and the Cherry blossom festival in our next post. When we were there, we ran into many retired military volunteers. One of them was a former ROK Marine. I have always loved talking to Korean Marines, as there is a mutual respect for the title "Marine". The ROK Marines are some bad mamma-jammas too! Talked to this guy on the right for a few minutes as he gave us directions. The funny thing about his uniform is that he has the ROK Marine insignia on his blouse, but the U.S. Marine insignia on his cover (hat) and his collars! The sign says "Once a Marine, Always a Marine". As we thanked him for the directions I instinctively saluted him with "Pil Sung!" which translates to "Imminent Victory" the ROK Marine battle cry so to speak. It was motivational for me, although Pae musta thunk me a freak! :)

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