Sunday, May 31, 2009

Korea - Day 8 - Seoul Grand Park

Today we went to the zoo at Seoul Grand Park. I've been to plenty of zoos before and I have always been disappointed that we either missed the best shows or most of the animals were sleeping or hiding from plain sight. The animals were out in force on this cold spring day in Seoul.Before we headed off to the zoo, we went out looking for something simple to eat. We thought, how about some kimchi jigae (kimchi stew) or something that we can eat quickly. We saw a place that had a kimchi jigae sign, went in and ordered...We failed in the ordering something simple part, but the jigae was awesome! We had expected individual servings, small, but the lady brought us the giant vat of stew and started it to boil. Loaded with kimchi, leeks, tofu, onions, rice cake and noodles, it made for a hearty beginning to our day!Now that I think of it, there was only really one animal that we didn't see at the zoo, that would be the giraffes...there were lions, tigers and bears...all very active and in large quantities.I think there were more than 8 lions, all roaming around their moat-surrounded enclosure, two of which were mating and making horribly painful screams. A mom and auntie trying to explain to two kids what the lions were doing was classic. There were tigers, jaguars, leopards, mountain lions, cougars, white tigers...pretty much every kind of large cat you can think of, they were there and extremely curious of all of the little children (translated: potential bite-sized meals).There was a family of hippos and a couple rhinos that both looked very prehistoric. There were all kinds of prairie beasts (translated: lion food) at the zoo, buffaloes, camels, many interesting species of birds, reptiles, slimy amphibians and even a dolphin and sea lion show! There was supposed to be a video of them dancing but the upload function isn't working right can find the video here on our Youtube station.After our day at the zoo, we headed for shopping and eating. We ate at a place where we got bulgogi (beef), tteokbokki and jjajjangmyeun(Korean spaghetti we lovingly call it).
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