Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Papi on his slow start to the season

[photo from boston.com]
David Ortiz, better known to Sox fans as "Big Papi", has had a horrible start to the 2009 baseball season. His bat, which is usually launching bombs at Fenway, remains in a deep winter slumber...and that big teddy bear smile is also so, so, so noticeably missing. This is what David had to say in a recent interview...

"Everybody is saying, 'How come you don't smile so much anymore? How come you don't joke so much with us?' Because I'm hitting [expletive] .200! What am I, Ronald McDonald? A [expletive] clown? This [expletive] isn't fun. It doesn't matter how much you did. You don't produce and sooner or later, you're gone. Done. VĂ¡monos. This is entertainment for them. This is my [expletive] job!"

Love the guy, feel bad for the guy...Props to Francona for keeping him in the lineup and letting him work his way out of this slump...if anyone deserves that kind of respect, it's Papi.

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