Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wat Phukhao Kaew วัดภูเขาแก้ว in Amphoe Phibun Mangsahan

Here are some pictures of another Temple (Wat) that we visited when we were in Ubon. The area of Ubon was called Phibun Mangsahan, a good hour or so drive from the main district in Ubon. We went there before all of the Songkran celebrations really started in earnest. It was a pretty simple temple and was, for the most part, well maintained. The temple is called Wat Phukhao Kaew or วัดภูเขาแก้ว. I'm not sure of the Thai translation of that name...maybe something like "glass mountain" temple? Actually "crystal mountain" sounds cooler, so, let's go with Crystal Mountain Temple! Sounds like an Indiana Jones hangout!Pae whacked the giant gong thingy, we all tossed coins into the wishing font, and just took in the contrast of the reddish temple and its green surroundings. I personally was drawn to the lion-dragon-serpent dudes that stood guard outside the temple. After we finished at the wat, we continued our day trip to see Sao Chaliang and the Cliff Paintings in Pha Taem National Park.

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