Thursday, March 26, 2009

Offline for a while - Updates from Korea to come

Okay, school is finally out and I got to sleep in late today! School being out also means that Pae and I are on our way to Korea in about 20 hours. We'll probably not spend too much time on the internet there, so we'll give you a summary of our trip in about 10 days.

Actually, we're off to Ubon for a week or so three days after we return to Thailand. We go there every year for the three-day Songkran Festival, which is much much much better than anything here in Bangkok. This will be my third Songkran in Ubon! Time flies.

Following Ubon, I start work again, but am gonna take a couple personal days off to go to Cambodia with Pae's family. Finally gonna get to see Angkor Wat. I have to go to the embassy here and get a tourist visa first as well as a re-entry permit to the Kingdom...or I'll be hosed and stuck in Cambodia...oh, maybe not, but all of my visas for Thailand will be void if I don't get the proper documentation before crossing the border.

We're flying Korean Air both legs of our Korea trip. Not sure the flight numbers. Take care all, we love you. Wish us a safe trip. Mar. 27 - Apr. 5.

Signing off for now.


Rachel said...

Wow! How fun and exciting. So is the Korea trip just for vacation? You guys should come out to Utah sometime :)

Rachel said...

R U guys back yet?

Anonymous said...

Where are those updates from Korea. I miss you.
Grandma Pratt

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