Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Long Time No See" and Dads

My sixth graders are outside arm wrestling. They have their graduation ceremony tomorrow...Random information...

I recently ripped these pictures off of one of my sister Amy's sites. They are pictures of Bill when he was in the Navy. I am in possession of many photos of Carl when he was in the Navy too, but these are some of the first I can remember ever seeing of Bill.
For those who don't know, Bill and Carl are my two dads.

Carl Mililani Uda, my birth father and the one who got to put up with all my crap from my senior year in high school into my 30's!

Andrew William Lynn III (Bill Lynn) is the dad who raised me, taught me right from wrong, whooped my butt when I was wrong, offered me my first taste of beer and chewing tobacco when I was in 6th grade, etc.! The tobacco and beer tasted so wrong at that age and was to turn me off to it before I tried it at school...or he just wanted to see the look on my face when I bit off a giant chunk of chew from a new pack he had just gotten...How can people chew that stuff!?Anyways, I wanted to toss a few of these pictures up here. I haven't seen Bill in years...I'd say since about 1991. Huh, is that right? 18 years? Wow!

Gets me to thinking...what is the longest period of time that I have gone without seeing family members? Lets see...

Bill- about 18 years
October 1991 to present

Betsy- about 10 years
October 1991 to 2001ish

Carl- about 10 years?
my 5th b-day to my visit in Provo my Jr. yr.?

Carl and Cindy- 5 years
1989 after boot camp to 1994 in Hawaii - 5 years

The sibling I haven't seen in the longest time would be probably Amy. Let's see I saw Katie in 2006 when I dropped the cats off in Florida, Rachel, Rebecca, Naomi, Sarah and Liz in 2006 I think when I came recruiting at BYU for Deloitte. Joshua and Jacob in 2006. Madeline and Anne in 2004. Leaving Amy...who I last saw in Hawaii in maybe 1994 or 1995 I believe! WOW!!

I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm not a mama's boy or the homesick type. Some people mistake that for "not having a good relationship" with my family. That's certainly not accurate!

Enjoy the pictures.


Pae and Guy said...

What's the longest you've gone without seeing your parents? Just wondering if I'm some oddball or something!

Beccarigg said...

Those are some crazy pictures of your Dad. I always forget you have two families! Must be nice to have so many people to love and to love you!

Those are some long breaks between seeing your parents! I think the longest I've gone without seeing Mom and Dad is like 8 months. : ) Guess I'm kind of wimpy when it comes to missing my family. It's been 4 months since I've seen them last and I'm already counting down the days till we go out again next month. Like I said, I'm a wimp!

Ioane said...

That is funny. I forget that we're not your only family too. I didn't even know you had a sister named Amy. I only know about Anne and your mom. I'm a wimp like Becca. Longest I've gone is a month and a half. Miss you big brother. Lets not have our next get together be in 10 years. Even if that means I'm gonna have to fly out there. Love you

Kevin Hanks said...

I've only met you once, for some 15 minutes while getting a family picture taken . . . and I think you're pretty cool!

Of course, Naomi talks about you like you're superman, so maybe I'm biased!

Pae and Guy said...

You ain't seen nothin' 'til you seen me in my red and blue leotards and cape!

Rachel said...

You're an oddball! Ha! But we already knew that. Anyways, you have a buttload of the heck do you remember them all?! So the longest I've been without seeing my family was 18 months while I was on my mission. And then I think there was another 18 months I went without seeing dad after I got married and lived in Hawaii...but that's the max. Now I see them all the time since they're my next door neighbors! I'm definitely a mama and daddy's girl!

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