Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Formers and Filipinos

I was on Facebook a little while ago and noticed that I had pretty much three networks. Old classmates from high school and college, family members, and coworkers.

I'm pretty sure that 80% of my "friends" on Facebook are people I've worked with, making them "former coworkers". There is actually only one dude on there who I currently work with!

I guess it gives us a way to keep in touch or at least gives us a forum in which to keep tabs on each other and reminisce every now and then. Of all of my networks, it's most interesting to see how my Marine buddies lives are going, who has kids, how many kids, who is where...etc. I mean, we spent virtually every day together for years...now it's been 15 years, more in some cases, since we've seen each other, and it's just a trip to get back in touch and catch up on old times together.

Here's a picture of our foreign teacher staff. It should be called "native speaking" staff...but several of those in this photo have since left and been eventually replaced by Filipinos. So, there are several pictured who are already "former" coworkers.

Here's the breakdown of our foreign teacher staff for our Bilingual Program:

English - 2nd - 6th grade - Scotland(native speaker)
Science - 2nd - 6th grade - America (me, native speaker)
English - 1st grade - Philippines
Science - 1st grade - Philippines
Grammar - All levels - Philippines (scary)
Math - 3rd - 6th grade - Philippines
Math - 1st - 2nd grade - Philippines
Art - 1st - 6th grade - Philippines
Computers - 1st - 6th grade - Philippines
P.E. - 1st - 6th grade - Philippines

I don't believe the parents pay so much to have their students learn in a Bilingual program taught mostly by non-native speakers. This is Thailand though and the schools have to cut costs. The Filipinos will work for less than a native speaker. They are sending their money back home to the PI and not complaining at all. The exchange rate between the two countries benefits them greatly.

Hey, I'm just happy to have a job! People in Florida used to call me Filipino when I was a kid! Maybe it was that blue corduroy jacket i had with a map of the Philippines embroidered on the back!

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Beccarigg said...

Facebook is a trip isnt' it? I used to think,"hmm, wonder what so and so is up to these days?" Now I just get on facebook and check for myself! Crazy!

Nice picture, I like the black and yellow look on you, some people can't pull it off, too bee-ish. You've got it going on though ; )

That's funny that they only have two native speakers in the bi-lingual program. One of my friends from Mexico taught English at an ESL school in Provo and I always worried about his students since I could barely understand his English half the time. Oh, well, at least they'll learn to read and write a few things : )

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