Monday, February 23, 2009

Westerner Decapitated - Head Hung Beneath Bridge in Bangkok

Here is the news of the day from Bangkok, home sweet home. Apparently a westerner, often referred to as "Farang" here in Thailand, was murdered late last night and his head severed and tied to a 5 meter length of rope and tossed over the side of the Rama VIII Bridge here in Bangkok. Police say that it does not appear to have been a suicide. They have not yet found the body.

Most newspapers and news programs will show dead bodies and videos of car bombings that occur in the country, but normally they will pixel the blood, entrails, brain matter and gore so that it is obvious, yet not 100% clear. The police here in Bangkok have asked that any close-up photos of the foreigner's head be published by the media un-altered in hopes that someone will see the photo and be able to identify the deceased.

There is currently one clear photo of the victim circulating in the media, in hopes of getting an identity and then piecing the puzzle together from there. Police are also going over hours of surveillance video of the bridge for the time just before the estimated time of death. Forensic stuff.
**the preceding link contains graphic images**

Violence toward farang here in Thailand is generally confined to the south or huge tourist places where there is a lot of alcohol involved. There is a pretty huge Russian mafia presence here, people involved in human trafficking who would stick you with a knife a couple hundred times if you rubbed them the wrong way, drug traffickers, etc that some farang end up getting caught up in and paying the price. You know, busted knee caps, shot up cars, shot up storefronts, and often murder.

There are a few pictures below of the scene of the crime, including what seems to be a suicide note etched into the railing directly above the location of the bagged head. The message reads, "Cath. I want but I can not. I came to Bangkok to be you." Just the poor English alone makes the note seem written by someone with poor English ability. Police are convinced that it is murder based on the nature of the area where the head was severed, the types of slices, etc. Pretty sick and gruesome if you ask me.

We see this crap on CSI and Law and Order all the time, but when you're watching it on TV it seems more made up and fairytale. But when it's a couple bridges away and in your neighborhood, it's a little more real. Some people are just not nice.


Beccarigg said...

That is so messed up and scary! I worry about you out there when stuff like this is happening so close to where you are : ( Be careful big bro!

Rachel said...

I almost looked at the "graphic link" But figured I probably couldn't handle it. So sick and wrong. Glad you look more asian.

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