Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Job that Keeps on Giving!

I enjoyed my time as a forensic accountant with Deloitte. I've been away from the professional world for coming up on two years already. But it seems that Deloitte keeps on providing me with benefits!

When I first went through orientation at Deloitte, they suggested that we join every frequent flier and frequent guest program with major airlines and hotels. I did and eventually started traveling almost weekly. I spent very little time in Boston, instead working in other cities and staying in hotels.

The points from two years of domestic and international travel added up. Yesterday, Pae and I went to the Delta office here in Bangkok to redeem the last of my Delta points for two tickets to Seoul, South Korea. We only had to pay taxes on the tickets and fuel surcharges. When we get to Korea, during my school's spring break and after Pae's university final exams, we will stay five nights in a great hotel, also free of charge, using my Starwood hotel points from all of my frequent stays during my time with Deloitte. We had enough to stay the whole ten days, but decided to stay in a hostel for like 12 dollars a night for the final five days and save the rest of our points for another trip next year!

I figure we have at least one vacation left waiting for us to redeem on points! Now we can spend more money eating kimchi and rice cakes!

All yall who are working now, or who fly back and forth to Utah to visit mom and dad often, seriously think about signing up for a couple frequent flier programs on the two airlines that you fly the most. And when you have a choice between airlines, try to use only one exclusively, so your points don't get too spread around. I'm still sittin' on like 80,000 points from United and 25,000 from American. My Delta points are bottomed out at 450 now since spending the 50,000 yesterday! If I had flown that 25,000 miles on United instead of American, I would have better options. Instead, now I might have enough for one person to fly domestically only. Were it in my United account two of us could fly internationally. So try not to spread your points around too much. Happy travels! We'll post pictures of Korea, haven't been in almost ten years. March can't come soon enough!


Naomi Hanks said...

Now you just need to save up enough points to come and see us in Chicago!!!

Pae and Guy said...

And get a visa...that's the hardest part to get a tourist visa for Pae...that was our original plan but we didn't say any thing cause we didn't want for anyone to plan around our visit then we have to cancel cuz of a declined visa...and we didn't have enough points!

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