Sunday, February 22, 2009

The day pigs fly

This is a picture of our New Year "chia" type novelty animals. One is a pig and the other a dog...representing, of course, Puppy and Piggy or me and Pae! They've been growing for a few weeks now. Piggy's "hair" has, from day one, been thicker and longer than Puppy's.

Friday I got home from work and Pae went out to the balcony to bring Puppy and Piggy back inside after a day of sunbathing. To Pae's surprise, Puppy was all alone! It's been quite windy lately in the evenings, so Pae looked on the floor of the balcony for piggy, perhaps he had seen some watermelon rinds or some orange peels in the "garden" and wanted to go root around for a while...Hmmm, no Piggy.

Crap! There's only one more place he could be...Pae looked over the edge of the balcony and to her horror, five floors below lay the splattered remains of Piggy. Who could survive such a horrific fall? I ran down to the parking lot, where I found our Piggy, a little bit woozy, but still alive. His "hair" was a little frazzled and lower jaw pretty much pushed all the way up into his soil brain, but he was otherwise unharmed and is recovering nicely at home, Puppy by his side day and night. To a speedy recovery.Before Piggy's unfortunate tumblePiggy looking a little flatPuppy still looks as lovely as ever

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Anonymous said...

Poor little piggy! At least he's hanging in there. Chris, it's Grandma Pratt. I love your blog. I check it almost every day. I'm glad you are doing well.
Love from Grandma Pratt

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