Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Broken Resolutions

Okay, we decided to replant some of our plants that we have been growing the other day. One of my New Year resolutions was "not to kill my plants." Well, two days after replanting my two papaya plants...yup, they shriveled up and died. I'm sure that the fact that I basically ripped them up by the roots out of their original pot didn't help any...I didn't know I was that strong...CRAP!

As I didn't include exercising in my resolutions, this next piece of news isn't a broken resolution, just a little bit of a disappointment. My twenty four hour race was this weekend and I didn't run it. I was looking forward to it and thought that if I was in shape that I could challenge 100 kilometers. The week prior to the race I decided not to further injure a tweaked knee, hip and killer spring allergies. On top of my pain and plugged up sinuses, I am just plain out of shape and find it difficult to motivate myself to get out after a long day at school. Excuses, excuses, I know, but 24 hours on bum limbs wouldn't have been a good idea.

On a positive note, my afghan is still on schedule...It's gonna be a total patchwork piece, but it's my first and it's just something for me to relax to while watching tv with Pae after school and swatting mosquitoes.

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Ioane said...

Wow, it took me 20 minutes before I could start typing a comment. I was trying to say something funny to make you laugh like your posts always make me, but in the end I guess I'm just not that quick. A funny comment will come to me as soon as I'm done posting, I just know it.

I'm glad you decided not to do the race. As a public health person I must tell you training for those things is really good for you, but actually doing them can take years off your life. Also you totally have to post a picture of your afghan. I never imagined you getting into something like that (tee hee). I sure do miss you and hope we get to meet Pae some time. She's a beautiful person and I can tell she completes you. Love ya!

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