Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best in Show

Thailand's King and some of his dogs on his property in Hua HinA week or so ago there was a fair at Kasetsart University. Not the dart and balloon game or ferris wheel type fair, but a plant and animal, food and farm equipment fair. We went three days overall, bought plenty of food and plants. We did not however purchase any animals or farm equipment.

The last day of the fair there was a dog show. We got there in time to see the larger dogs compete in the agility competition. It was fun to watch the dogs navigate the obstacles...but even more fun to see the dogs disobey their masters...not because they were being jerks, but because they looked like they were having so much fun playing! Tongues flapping and tails wagging.

I'm pretty sure a Boston Terrier took Best in show. Here are the group of winners with their trophies!Part of the dog show also included a tent with many pictures of the royal family showing their love for dogs. These are some of the princes and princesses and their dogs.

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