Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jim Rice - Hall of Famer!

As a boy growing up with ties to Boston, I watched enough Red Sox baseball to be a fan. I watched enough Carl Yastrzemski to know that he was freakin' awesome and enough Jim Rice to know when not to step away from the television, lest I miss the afroed one lofting majestic flies over the Green Monster at Fenway.

News of the day is that Jim Rice, in his last year of eligibility, has finally been voted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, joining other the likes of Carl Yastrzemski and Ted Williams as Red Sox lifer Hall of Famers.

This was his fifteenth and final time on the ballot and he finally received more than the required 75% of the vote. It has been argued for years that he belongs in the Hall. His numbers and his plate presence when he played are certainly HOF worthy, it his attitude and public persona probably kept him from getting the votes in his first fourteen years of eligibility. I think the baseball writers who punished him for his bad attitude all those years, knowing this was "their last chance" to elect a true Hall of Famer, finally did the right thing and gave him the nod.

No matter what, come July 26, he will officially be a Hall of Famer, although, he's always been one in my books.

Congratulations to Jim and his family.

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