Thursday, December 4, 2008

Upcoming 24 Hour Race!

On the heels of Pae running and finishing her first 5.4 kilometer run, I have searched for and found my next challenge.
I've never run a marathon (not yet), a triathlon (not yet) or an iron man (scary) but a couple of those are on my list of things to do. I did do the Vertical Marathon a few months back but that was just torture. I found a race at the following address that I am registering for and need to start preparing for!

The name of the event is the Pan Pacific Bangkok Walk 4 Women 2009. The race is being held to raise awareness for cervical cancer in women. It will be held in February which gives me a couple months to get my body ready, more for endurance rather than distance. This race is not to cover a predetermined distance, but it is a 24 hour race to see who can go the farthest in the 24 hour period! The race starts on a Saturday and participants run/walk until the next day, 24 hours later.

This is the tough part. Usually I'd like to set a time goal for myself for a 5k or a 10k but this time I'll have to set a distance goal. Off the cuff I told Pae that I wanted to go 200km. Then I thought about it! That would be like running a one hour 10k every hour with only 10-15 minutes rest between runs for 24 hours! SO...I think that is a very unrealistic goal! I believe there are ultra marathoners out there or Kenyan school kids who could probably pull of 200km, but me? Hahaha. I couldn't go that far on a motorcycle!

So, I need your help. I have an idea of how far I think I want to try to go in the 24 hours. Pae and I talked about it last night and I'm pretty sure that a goal of 100km would be achievable yet challenging. I mean, that's like doing twenty 5k runs in a day.

I have an idea of what kind of strategy I want to employ. Of course I'm not just gonna run and walk for 24 hours without taking a food break, changing socks, half hour rest here and there! So I'm open to your ideas for both, distance goal and strategy/tactics!

I have exactly 2 months before the race and have a lot of preparation to do both physically and mentally! I don't know how I'll finish or if I'll come remotely close to achieving my thing I can guarantee though is this...Monday, February 10...I'm calling in sick to work!


Naomi Hanks said...

Right now I think you are both CRAZY and totally awesome! Good luck Bro I'll be cheering for you from Chicago!

Kevin Hanks said...

That's awesome and sounds like a blast! I say that in the "after it's done it'll seem like a blast" sort of way.

Goodanya for signing up though, I'm dang impressed and will also be cheering!

I'll see if I can find out any info to help you out on training and strategy.

Beccarigg said...

Whoa! 24 hours is a long time to run! You're either super hard core or a masochist! : ) I'm looking forward to seeing your blog about this! I just ran my first 2 mile race and it was really fun. I finished in just under 20 minutes. 20 min vs 24 hours, hmm... not sure if I could handle that!

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