Friday, December 26, 2008

Different Goals for 2009

Happy New Year to all!

January first generally comes around and I make some lame "resolution" that I don't feel very emotionally invested in. So this year I decided to put the "Exercise 5 times a week" resolution on the shelf and go for something that I think is more challenging and new...

Pae and I were at a book store looking in the craft section and found a book that teaches how to crochet stuffed animals. She expressed an interest and curiosity about the art of crochet so I thought it would be a cool "stocking stuffer" to get her a couple skeins of yarn and a few crochet needles and see what she could figure out with a combo of the internet and my memories of what Mom Betsy in Florida taught me when I was a kid as her guide. As It turns out, Pae was studying for a Christmas Eve Final Exam and a Jan. 2 Final for school and I ended up sitting quietly crocheting away while she studied! I hadn't picked up a needle in probably 24 years.

Messing around I relearned a couple stitches and quickly made a couple very low quality "hats" for some of our stuffed animals and my favorite, a tiny sweater for Pae's little six inch stuffed duck! I figured out how to make a simple granny square and crocheted 9 of them so far.

One of my challenging but achievable goals for 2009 is to crochet a blanket out of somewhere between 100 and 168 squares depending on the dimensions and pattern I decide on. I figure one square a day gets me to a blanket by May or June! Making the squares is more relaxing for me than exciting and eventually as Pae gets done with tests she can join, as was the original plan!

The second thing I think I want to try to do is grow something that doesn't die! Every time I have ever bought a plant I have killed it with either too much water, too little water, too much light, too little light, or too much non-green-thumbedness. Here in Thailand we try to eat a lot of fruit. A common thing for us is to finish a watermelon or a guava and unconsciously throw all of the seeds into the bin. One day I decided to try to get some papaya, guava, orange and watermelon seeds to germinate. They all started to grow and I was excited. Two day after I planted the sprouts into pots and "over watered" them, the orange sprouts flat out always happens to me! But to my surprise, our watermelon plants, two papayas and what I think have to be several guava plants have continued to grow. I have since added a couple purple onion bulbs and plan to throw some hot peppers and tomato seeds in the mix as well.

The goal is to number one, keep the dang things alive. Two would be to actually get some edible hot chilies, tomatoes or a long time in the future, watermelons to grow!

I could use some exercise and could trim off some love handles, but that new year resolution is tried and "tired!" Here's to crocheting in my studio apartment and gardening on my balcony! Now all I need is some Oprah on the boob tube and a box of chocolates and I'd be fully in touch with my estrogen producing side.

What are your New Year Resolutions??

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