Sunday, December 7, 2008

"A Date that Will Live in Infamy"

A quiet Sunday morning in Hawaii, 67 years ago, turned into a day that President Franklin D. Roosevelt said would live in infamy, and it has.

During the surprise attack on the Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, nine U.S. ships were sunk with many others heavily damaged by wave after wave of Japanese bombers. Over 2300 men and women died that day with scores of others wounded. More than 1000 of those killed were from the U.S.S. Arizona. A memorial for the Arizona rests atop the wrecked vessel commemorating the lives lived and on that day lost, of the sailors and Marines of the Arizona, many of whom were never recovered from inside of the sunken ship. As the memorial reads, it is not only a memorial, but a tomb for many.

Of all of the days that stick out in my brain, December 7th is among the four that I will never forget. The other three being June 6th (D-Day), November 10th (The Marine Corps Birthday), and September 11th. These are all important days to me for one reason or another.

Today though I focus on Pearl Harbor and remember those brave many who fought during WWII to defend the country they love and also those who didn't live to see the war end, and who didn't get to see Japan become one of our closest friends and allies.

If I had the DVD "Tora, Tora, Tora" I think I'd pop it in right now. We have "Band of Brothers" but it deals more with the European theater and it's in Thai without subtitles!

I salute all those who serve and who have served.

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