Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wat Phra That Suthon Mongkol Kiri วัดพระธาตุสุโทนมงคลคีรี

Here is a temple in the northern Thailand city of Prae that we passed on our way to Chiang Rai. It is called Wat Phra That Suthon Mongkol Kiri or วัดพระธาตุสุโทนมงคลคีรี in Thai. **Note: It took me roughly five minutes to type the name of the temple in Thai!** The reclining Buddha outside of the temple is about 85 meters long, would cover my whole school and almost all of an American football field!

Its sheer size is amazing. The temple also boasts a much smaller teak reclining Buddha image on the inside. Teak wood is one of the area's abundant resources.

The temple is filled with Buddha images and paintings of the life of Buddha (I think) and paintings of the Buddhist idea of hell. Very interesting to walk around the temple and look at all of the great paintings, statues and adornments.

Check out some of these paintings that are part of a mural the size of one entire wall inside the temple where the large golden seated Buddha image is. Definitely makes you not want to go to hell! Clicking on the image below, even though these are resized images, you can see some dude getting his head sawed open, dogs eating someone's entrails, stakes to the head, etc...bottom line no matter what religion you are "Hell is no picnic!"

Below are some of the adornments under the windows of the main temple. Not sure the symbolism, yet, I'm sure eventually after seeing lots of these types of carvings and such, I'll find out what religious significance it all has!

And one final group of pictures from the temple!

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