Saturday, November 29, 2008

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon Align! Smiley in the Sky!

Tonight something pretty cool happened in the night sky here. Now is the time when Venus and Jupiter line up in the sky (at least to Earthlings), and right after dusk with the crescent moon, formed a smile in the dark sky!

In the U.S. I think it will be seen as a frowny face, but here, a big BRIGHT smile! How appropriate as Thailand is lovingly known to the world as "The Land of Smiles"!

I just finished teaching my Second, Third and Sixth graders the unit on space, specifically on planets and the phases of the moon!I got a text message from a student telling me "See the moon today, very smiles...hurry!" So I ran around to the southern side of our apartment and started snapping pix, in fear that it would go away soon, at least the moon would move out of the right position.Then Pae's brother called from Ubon and excitedly told her to go take pictures for him, so we were all outside looking at the Smile in the Sky!

It was nice to enjoy an unexpected treat from space. Nature is beautiful! Thank you moon! Thank you Venus! Thank you Jupiter! You made us smile tonight! **These are pictures from several cameras clicking away!

1 comment:

Moxy Jane said...

We saw it too...although in our sky, it was tilted to the side, with the planets more under and to the right. Still very beautiful!!

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