Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Third Grade Cactus Gardens

As a science teacher, I often have my students do something "fun" so they don't feel like they are "studying". This semester we covered Plants and Animals so I thought it would be a good idea to have them design their own cactus gardens.

Pae and I went to Chatuchak Market, a very popular tourist and local market here in Bangkok, and buy a bunch of cactus plants, ceramic pots and potting soil. At home Pae and I made our own cactus garden as an example for the students to follow. We had fun placing the cacti in different positions before finally planting them. I felt like a landscaper, especially after we finished when my fingers and arms and even face started itching from the little pokey thingies, thorns and spines that somehow made their way to all those places. We must have washed and tweezed tens of times before giving up and waiting for them to come to a head and just squeeze them out!

I somehow made my way in a taxi, alone, to school with our sample garden and the 10kilograms of soil, ceramic pots and 30 or so loose cacti. The kids were excited, less about making a garden, and more about not studying and being able to make a mess of our room. Note in the pictures that I did not provide them with gloves so they got to experience the same itchiness as us! Bad Teacher!

Here are some of the pictures from after our gardens were finished. I had to take a good 20 minutes of the math teacher's class time for clean up. The school reimbursed me for the materials, so I'm kinda hesitant to bring these home to keep!

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Naomi Hanks said...

What a FUN project Chris! Man! I wish you were my elementary Science teacher. That sucks that you guys all got splinters though...I guess it just comes with the territory!

P.S. In Picasa, you can put margins between your pictures and pick what color they will be. Looks like you did some in one of your collages but I thought I'd give you a heads up anyway!

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