Monday, November 24, 2008

"Kids Say the Darndest Things" or "Brutal Honesty"?

December 5th in Thailand is Father's Day. The Thais celebrate Father's Day on the King's birthday as he is highly regarded, revered, and loved like the father of the kingdom.

At school, as a part of our celebrating of Father's day, the students get to make their own cards to give to their fathers. The upper level students generally whip one up no problem but the lower level students need a little guidance with expressing their thoughts in English. As such, we often give them a model to follow. First graders, for example, got "My dad is kind, I love my dad." written on the whiteboard for them to copy. After they copy the words they get to illustrate/scribble a picture of them and their father on the front and inside of the card.

As you would imagine, some kids are far more advanced in their language ability than others. I submit these three simple examples from our first graders...some of them you can't help but laugh...but then some can be a little disturbing. First graders tend to be pretty innocent and honest with their words.

Yamsaard Bilingual School First Graders on their fathers:

"He a little plump."

"He like to hit me when I not do the homework."

"My father is short and ugly. He is kind."
It'll be fun to see these first graders progress through the levels! I probably shouldn't give too much homework...just in case! :(
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