Friday, November 7, 2008

Grab a cold one?

A few pictures from a menu down at the beach. We run into some pretty good ones here. I've seen so many funny translations and typos from Japan and Korea to Germany and Spain. I even ran into plenty in the states, although I haven't taken many pictures of them.

Please note that these are just for fun and aren't in any way meant to make fun of anyone's language. Languages around the world are so different in their construction and overall feeling and they are often mistranslated and often an expression in one language/culture could have no translation in another...but people certainly do try!
"How about a virgin Pussy Fruit cocktail?"

"I wish I could buy the world a Coca Cora"

My favorite one from Dorchester, Massachusetts is a sign on the front of a as follows..."Hood Homo Gal - $3.79". My first impression was that "Lesbian prostitutes in the bad side of town are cheap."

My second thought was "Do they really make change for the 79 cents?"

As I lived in Boston longer I found out that "Hood" was a brand name, not the bad side of town. Then I figured out that the sign I had seen months before was advertizing Gallon size Hood brand Homogenized milk.

Certainly entertaining for me though!

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