Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Egg-kabobs? Skewered Eggs?

Need some help naming this "snack" that the Thai's call "Kai bing" or eggs on a stick or something like that!

What do you think this should be called? It's kind of like we do deviled eggs back home, but much different.

I think they pop a few holes in the egg, "squeeze"/drain the egg out, scramble it, mix it with salt, msg, pork flavor, who knows what they mix it with...then they pour the scrambled concoction back in the egg shell, shove three or four onto the skewer and grill them!

I guess eating them is like eating a scrambled Easter egg really. They aren't bad even though I don't care too much for eggs. They go great with bbq'd chicken, sticky rice and papaya salad! (and a diet coke)

Definately click the picture to enlarge to get a better feel for this yummy snack!

1 comment:

Manda said...

That looks yummy :) Was this your concoction? It looks like all is going well for you! I'm glad I found your blog - more good reading material for me!

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