Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Barbie Girl

Barbie Girl was born well over a year ago. She had many brothers and sisters. We think her mom is Whitey who bit my back as I was holding one of the pups and who happened to have some huge boobs full of milk at the time. We just put two and two together. We snuck Barbie Girl up into our room once and she ate half a pack of doggy chews!

Two of Barbie Girl's siblings, who were larger, we called Cowboy and Mom-mem (dirty). They were taken by someone who wanted to give them a good home after they got big enough to leave Whitey. Barbie Girl's other sister was Cutie! She is the little black puppy in the collage. We played with them every day and fed them as they grew. Cutie had an unfortunate accident with a motorcycle taxi didn't live. She is in doggy heaven now eating yummy grilled chicken livers we're sure! Barbie girl was hit a few times by taxis or cars, was bitten by a millipede (head swelled up so much, it was actually funny looking, poor girl), and caught some flesh eating bug for a while that ate the meat around her neck up for a month or so until she got good treatment at a local vet.

Barbie girl had puppies (Brownie and Pancake) a while back and was eventually taken by the owners of our apartment building to a much better home with a gated and walled yard so they would always be safe from the hellacious Bangkok traffic. We haven't seen her for what seems like forever. Everyday I go to work or come home from work, everytime we leave the apartment for food, we look over to the washing machines, where she used to take care of her puppies, or to the beer garden that she terrorized nightly, hoping to see her. She's never there.

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