Sunday, October 19, 2008

My kids in Rangsit

When I first came to Bangkok, I taught English to First Graders.

Here are some pictures of my First Graders.

You know how it is when you do something for the never forget!

Performance day in Rangsit, first day I saw them out of their school uniforms

Halloween is always fun!

Never can be serious can we?

This is my First Graders...Top to bottom...Jucha, Teacher Guy,
Praewa, Ging, Nuni, Peach, Bean, Neuy, Mint,
OC, Pandin, Toto, Pom...the awesomest first graders in the world

Now I teach Science with the same school just in a different city. I'll post some pics of my Second thru Sixth graders eventually.Too busy to actually take pics these days!

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