Sunday, October 26, 2008

I can say it, the pundits only hint at it and the candidates don't dare.

Okay, Barack Obama is black. It's rarely mentioned in the media lately and I think that is great. This election should be decided, as Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, "not by the color of their skin...but by the content of their character."

If you look at the Electoral College map below, you will clearly see that there is still a great racial divide in this country, one that will not be debated by the candidates, one that will not be visible on the campaign trail. It is only apparent in the polls and will probably be clearly visible on polling day as well. The south is historically "hick" country, redneck name it whatever you like, but there are people there who would just as soon chop off their own genitals before voting for a black man. The truth will not be seen in the exit poles, although the results will assuredly be used to further debate on the status of race relations of our great country. There will be dissertations based on the same results, although not many of them are hick enough (translated dumb enough)**no offense hicks, I was raised in the leave the voting booth and honestly tell the pollster that they voted didn't vote for the better candidate because of the color of his skin.

On the other hand, there will be black men and women celebrating their vote, celebrating their choice, and likely celebrating an Obama/Biden victory in the streets. They will freely sing (literally) the praises of Barack and the historic nature of his White House run, and will likely more honestly say that they voted for him because he is black.

Is one wrong and the other not as wrong? Are both reasons, to vote for Barack because he's black and not voting for him for the exact same reason, both wrong? You tell me.

Should I even be pointing out other people's voting likely agendas while not having cast an absentee ballot of my own? **Excuses are like a-holes, everyone's got one, I've got my excuse for not voting absentee from Bangkok...2 weeks past registration deadline when I thought of it.**

Anyways, there's a little game on where you can guess how the electoral college map is going to turn out, and you have to give your reasons for the way my map looks is because or high concentrations of two types of people, liberals and rednecks (as Mr. Murtha so unfortunately, for his reelection bid, mentioned last week). The liberals generally concentrated in the Northeast and on the west coast, while the rednecks, lets just call them racists shall we, and the more conservative Bible belt will certainly go for Big Mac. Oh yeah, and then there's the idiots who read one email and then automatically believe that Barack is a terrorist or that he is Muslim...and all I have to say about that is that I live around thousands of Muslims and they are all lovely people. What's wrong if he was a Muslim, what would be wrong with McCain being a Quaker? **FYI I sincerely believe that McCain didn't tap Romney as VP running mate because of his religion.**

If the map doesn't work, you get the picture! The map with red and blue states is at the following link...

<p><strong>><a href=''>2008 Election Contest: Pick Your President</a></strong> - Predict the winner of the 2008 presidential election.</p>

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Naomi Hanks said...

Dude! I didn't even know you had a blog! That makes me soooo happy! It's also nice to see more and read more about Pae. I really miss you guys!

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