Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Pae

Bunch of goofies celebrating Pae's 24th birthday in September

September 26th was Pae's 24th birthday. We celebrated with Pae's highschool friends...who, I guess, now are just "friends". We had a small get together at Pond and P'Jack's house in Rangsit, Thailand.

Attendees included P'Nut (Pae's brother) myself (P'Guy) & Pae, Pond & P'Jack, P'0at and Mai, Nammont, Paeng, Nurse, Faay.

P'Jack cooked all of the food with help from mostly Paeng, Pond and Nammont. The food was awesome and we tried to convince him to open a restaurant! Pond baked a cake for Pae. The cake was soooooooooo sweet! I'm not a cake person, as Mama Uda can tell you, but I slurped down a piece to show my appreciation! Thank you P'Jack and Pond.

The birthday party ended up being a slumber party as everyone stayed at P'Jack's. Actually I think Mai and P'Oat took a taxi home since Oat had to work early in the morning...Heard that he almost barfed in the taxi, so not sure he made it to work the next morning!

Here are some pictures of the festivities...

Pae the Hottie!

Pond, Paeng, Nammont, Pae and Guy

All of us minus P'Oat

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