Sunday, October 19, 2008

Go Sox!

I have to take this opportunity, 4 hours before the Red Sox game, to express my support for my Red Sox. My kick @$$ Red Sox!!

Yes. "MY RED SOX". Anyone who has spent any amount of time in Boston and fallen in love with the Sox and lived or died with their yearly performances calls them "My Red Sox!".

Down 3-1 to the Rays and down 7-0 in the seventh inning of game 5, I have to admit that I turned off the tv after the 6th inning and went to sleep. Seeing that I have to watch the games at 7 in the morning Thailand time, I dont' feel as bad. Luckily, the game was rebroadcast later in the day and I randomly switched the channel and caught the last two innings. Pae sat, and I jumped up and down with every timely hit, every at bat that could possibly lead to the end of the Sox's season. But JD Drew and the rest of the team came through in true dramatic Red Sox fashion to beat the Rays 8-7. Now I'm sitting here typing a blog entry at 3:39 AM waiting for the telecast of game 6.

Win or lose...the Sox have again made my year!


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